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There’s love out there for everyone

In the wise words of Kenny Rodgers, there is someone for everyone; and I mean everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are what is considered the norm in society or your preferences are unconventional. Online dating accommodates everyone with the many different unique sites available. There are, of course, the general sites and common niche sites for things like international romance, age gap dating, and the LGBTQ community.

Then there are what would best be described as the weird dating sites. These cater to specific needs and fetishes you probably didn’t even know existed. Here are ten really interesting ones. Who knows, one of them might be what you were looking for.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Bizarre dating sites you might want to check out

Ugly Shmucks – a funny dating website

Ugly Shmucks is a really funny dating website as far as the concept is concerned. It caters to people who consider themselves unattractive. What is funny is that a lot of them aren’t. However, the site does a great job of creating a safe space where everyone can feel comfortable.

Visit the site:

This website is something special. Finding love when you are terminally ill, or you have a lifelong condition can be pretty tricky. There is the fact that you may have special needs. Then people see you mainly through pity goggles. This site cuts through all this and gives these people a real chance at love with people who understand the struggle.

Meet an Inmate

When it comes to alternative dating sites, this one is not very bizarre. The fascination with incarcerated people is not exactly new to society. However, a website that facilitates this is. And with more than 2 million people in jail, fish are abundant in this sea.

Visit the site:

Diaper Mates

Diaper Mates is without a doubt one of the weirdest dating websites. It caters to the needs of adult babies, diaper lovers, and people generally attracted to this lifestyle. As with most other sites on this list, it gives members a judgment-free zone to express themselves and their needs however unusual.

Visit the site:

Horsey Lover

Numerous niche sites cater to animal lovers. Therefore this one is not that bizarre. However, it is a little unique as it caters not just to horse lovers but fans of the open country and that lifestyle in general.

Visit site:

Vampire Dating Site

Vampire Dating Site is a place for fans of Vampire role-play fetish. There are even some people in there who believe that they are real vampires. And who are we to say that they aren’t? Some members there are just fascinated by the mythology related to these creatures. Whatever the case, they have a site where they can find love without having to explain why they have rooms full of chalices, coffins and black drapery.

Visit the site:

Farmer Wants a Wife

This site runs in the UK and Ireland and is all about what it says in its title. It is designed for farmers living in the English and Irish countryside to find long term partners. For the most part, the members are old men who are divorced, widowed or just never married. It is not that bizarre, but it is very interesting.

Visit the site:

Singles With Food Allergies

Do you know that annoying thing that happens when you go out on a date and spend hours combing through the menu looking for something safe? You know; something that won’t send you into anaphylactic shock? Yep, allergies are not fun or convenient in relationships. If you do not have to explain yours, then this is a site you should check out.

Visit the site:

Gluten Free Singles

Yep, this is a thing. It exists. People use gluten as a determinant of compatibility. No judgment. As with any other niche site, this one exists to spare the members the inconvenience of having to explain their ideas.

Visit the site:

Can Do Better

This one might be last on the least, but it doesn’t take away from it being one of the weirdest dating sites out there. The members and their fetishes and preferences are not unusual. However, how you become a member is.

Couples upload their photos and have other members rank them. Whoever receives a higher score is deemed the more superior one who can, well, do better. They then join the site and choose their new partner from the existing pool. Yeah. Let that sink in.

Visit the site:

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