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Let the numbers do the talking

Everyone has a different online dating experience. You might get there and find the love of your life in the first click. It could take months or even years for someone else to get something from the process.

While there are a lot of differences between personal experiences, there are a few realities that cut across the board. Below are nine online dating facts.

Nine main facts about online dating

There really are many fish in the sea

If you have ever felt that you do not stand a chance because of all the competition, then know you are so wrong.

Dating platforms are the true embodiment of the phrase ‘many fish in the sea.’ A recent study shows that up to 40% of the American population is active in online dating.

There are a lot of lies floating around out there

Not all is always as it seems on these sites. Many people take advantage of the relative anonymity to create new realities for themselves. In other words, people lie.

53% of users admit to lying about something. It could be anything from their real identity to the amount of money that they make.

All of this means you need to be careful and go into it with your guard up. Read our article about the potential online dating red flags to watch out for.

There is almost equal gender representation

There is a popular misconception that online dating sites are gross boys’ clubs full of male energy and testosterone. That couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. There is an almost equal representation of both sides with 52.4% male and 47.6% female being the cumulative average.

The most glorious profiles are often group efforts

One in every five users gets help with setting up their dating profile. Some don’t even set up the profiles themselves with friends going out of their way to pull them out of their single life.

The bad news here is that what you might be impressed with could end up being a genuine friend’s slight over-exaggeration.

Geography plays a huge role in success rates

Where you come from plays a huge role in determining the kind of online dating experience you will have.

One way location matters is regarding active users you meet. Urban and metropolitan settings offer the advantage of variety as there are many singles to choose from. The rural and small-town settings, on the other hand, leave you with slim pickings.

Age is not just a number

We live in progressive times where age gap dating is becoming more and more acceptable. That, however, does not mean that all ages are equal. A 2018 study shows that women in their twenties and middle-aged men get the most attention on these platforms.

Everyone else has to struggle a little more to get noticed. The good news is that there are many niche sites that cater to specific age groups!

All races don’t get equal treatment

It is very disappointing to find this happening in the 21st century. There are no statistics on racial attitudes among online dating site users, so no one is being called a racist.

However, some reports have shown that Asian men and African-American women get the least attention on the sites while Caucasian men and Latina women on sites like get the most love.

Breakups can be a little awkward

Breaking up with someone you have never met is a very unusual position to be in. However, this is the norm for many people in long distance relationships on online dating sites.

When the time comes to call it quits, texts and emails are the way to go with 48% choosing these simple routes. The rest choose to call or video chat to pass the unfortunate information. And very few in such relationships make an effort to do it in person.

Online dating works

The most important research-backed fact is that online dating works! 20% of people in committed relationships in 2021 report to have met online. So there is hope for you!

All you have to do is put yourself out there, be proactive, and trust the process. Within no time you will be an addition to this impressive and fast-growing statistic on online dating success.