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Why Are Long-Distance Relationship Good? 10 LDR Facts

Why is a Long Distance Relationship a Good Thing

For the most part in today’s society, long distance relationships get a really bad rep. When you think of an LDR, your mind most likely instantly focuses on all the challenges. You don’t get to hang out in person as much as you would like to. You have to live on a schedule to keep the connection strong.

Truth be told, this setup is not the easiest when it comes to working on a love connection. However, to say that long distance relationships are without their perks is completely untrue.

To demonstrate this fact, below are ten unique perks of having a good long distance relationship.

1. Absence truly makes the heart grow fonder

We grew up hearing this and still hear it every day, but it is not until you are separated from your love that you realize just how true it is. Being away from your significant other has a unique way of strengthening your connection.

If you miss them to the point of heartache, it is a sign that you are genuinely invested which is something to celebrate. If, on the other hand, the separation feels like a relief, then you are probably not in it with the right person.

2. Regular communication

communication is important in relationship

Research has shown that people in long-distance relationships have more frequent and meaningful conversations than those in ordinary relationships.

When you do not get to see your partner often, phone calls, texts, and video chats are all you have. People in these types of relationships usually commit themselves fully to it, leading to both high-quality and high-quantity interactions.

So, if you have been having trouble getting through to your beau, you might want to give yourselves some distance.

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3. The assurance and security that you are working towards a common goal

You are not likely to get into a long distance relationship without an end goal in mind. Maybe you are waiting for your partner to finish school so you can finally settle down together. Or you are working towards career goals that will eventually have you together and living your happily ever after. Whatever the case, people in long distance relationships get to enjoy some form of security that ordinary relationships usually lack.

4. Moments together are greatly treasured

When you only get to see your boyfriend or girlfriend once every month or two, you will learn to treasure those moments. You find yourself unknowingly engrossed in your partner. The way they talk, how they smile, what they smell like and so on. This is because consciously or subconsciously you are aware that you might not get such an opportunity soon again.

This is in sharp contrast to most regular relationships. Here, the parties involved tend to take moments together for granted. After all, you will see him or her again tomorrow if you want so why not focus on your phone during dinner, right? Wrong.

5. It gives both of you space to work on individual growth and development

This is one of the most underrated perks of being in a long-distance relationship. People fail to realize just how consuming regular relationships are. They can and most likely will drain you in terms of time and energy; both mental and physical. This affects your ability to focus on yourself and your growth. You don’t have time to work on hobbies because you are too busy planning and attending dates. You don’t get to perform as well as you are capable of at work because you simply lack the energy and focus on it.

With long distance relationships, this is one thing you do not have to worry about. Both of you get the freedom and time to actually live your own independent lives and prosper.

6. It instills great values and life skills

One of the most important skills in LDR is patience. Long distance relationships lack the instant gratification that regular relationships provide. This means that if you want to hug or kiss your beau, you will have to wait until you meet. If you want to tell them something interesting you will have to wait for your next video call session. This will force you to learn patience, which is a great value to have and apply to your life in general.

Another important skill you learn is that of honest self-expression. In these types of relationships, you simply cannot afford to hide your truth. If you do not like something, you need to share. If you want something, you also need to be honest about it.

7. It keeps psyche for the relationship and excitement for each other alive

People in long-distance relationships are constantly excited about their partners. This is mainly because they haven’t gotten to see or spend enough time with them for familiarity and the associated boredom to kick in. This is an amazing benefit especially if you are one of those people who love the high of new relationships. Think of sending nice LDR presents to your girlfriend sometimes.

8. It helps strengthen emotional and intellectual connections over physical attraction

There is a big difference between love and lust and LDRs on Amo Latina will help you see this. The lack of constant physical intimacy allows you and your partner to actually get to know each other. You get to work on emotional and intellectual connections which are essentially what constitute true love.

9. You get the freedom and time to work on your friendships

You know that one friend that disappears on your crew every time they are in a relationship? Or could it possibly be that you are this friend? Long distance relationships are a great solution in this case. The fact that you are not constantly with your significant other or at their place means that you get time to hang out with your friends. Trust me; both you and your pals will appreciate this flexibility.

10. It is a true adventure; trips and all

Finally, being in a long distance relationship is an adventure and a true learning experience. You get to know more about different places from your partner’s stories, descriptions, and photographs. If you are lucky, you might even get to see those places in person during your scheduled meet-ups.


In summary, there is a lot of good to look forward to with long-distance relationship. All you have to do is be willing to put in the hard work to enjoy the perks. It is also important to ensure that you are in it with someone who makes all the trouble and challenges worth it. The last thing you want is to waste your time on a relationship that is going nowhere.

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