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6 Best Body Builders Dating Websites in 2021

best dating sites for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders get a bad rep as far as love and romance goes. For some reason, people assume that you are all abs, biceps, quads, and no emotions. They forget that your most important muscle needs some work too – your heart.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit cheesy but be honest, behind that undeniably tough exterior is a big mushy teddy bear looking for love, right?
If picking up beefy guys or ripped babes at the gym has got you nowhere, you could always try online dating. These days, it is not hard to find a decent bodybuilding dating site where you can meet fellow fitness fans.

Here are six sites to meet fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts:

Cupid is one of the most popular online dating sites on the planet. Why?
Because there IS someone for everyone!
It offers access to multiple niche chat rooms on one platform. That includes everything from cosplay chat rooms to those catering to specific professional interests.

What makes this an excellent bodybuilder dating site is that they also have niche rooms for people you might be interested in. These include chat rooms for:

  • Athletics
  • General fitness
  • Bodybuilding
  • Martial arts
bodybuilding sites for singles is another popular general dating site that you might find useful as a bodybuilder looking for love. takes a different approach to matching you with fellow bodybuilding enthusiasts. Instead of offering access to public chat rooms, it allows you to run specific filtered searches. You will then get matched with singles based on your specific interests.

For example, if you like bodybuilding and fitness, you can use these parameters to narrow your search. That makes dating a bodybuilder with numerous common interests very easy for you. It’s also a lot more personal than open chat rooms.

You May Also Like: 10 Weird Dating Sites You Should Try If You Want To is a winner in the bodybuilding community mainly because of the access to the many chiseled and toned hotties. It might not be a niche site for your community, but from the profiles, it seems like some unwritten requirement to be a god or goddess. It also allows you to filter searches for specific matches based on specific interests, which further makes the journey to finding love easier for you.

Body Builder Singles

It is an exclusive niche site specifically designed to bring bodybuilding enthusiasts together. There are men and women of all shapes and sizes all very interested in fitness and finding love.

One of the main perks of using this platform is that joining is free. So you can sign up and check out what their site is like before you start your search.

Your safety is also a massive priority with the website, ensuring that every profile is verified. So you do not have to worry about getting catfished by some weirdo who stole their profile photos from an Instagram pro fitness account.

Body Builder Chat City

Body Builder Chat City, as the name suggests, is more of a chat room service than a conventional online dating platform. There is not much of the swiping and matching you get elsewhere. Instead, you get to join chats and build connections in a safe space before moving to more private conversations. For the latter, the site provides numerous options including webcam chats and private messaging.

Finally, you have the option of this niche site that caters not just to singles seeking to get into dating a bodybuilder but also fitness enthusiasts in general.

It is perfect if you are into living an active lifestyle and surrounding yourself with people who have the same views. It could be anyone from a mountain biking babe to a cross-fit stud who catches your eye. Either way, you will not have a hard time explaining why you think it is a great idea to go hiking for your first date.

Bottom line

With these six sites alone, you will have access to numerous eligible bodybuilder singles. All you have to do is to put yourself out there by signing up and trusting the process. Whether you go for a niche site or a general one with specific interest filters, it is going to be a fun experience. And who knows, you might meet your ripped prince or princess charming with just one swipe!