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How To Find Out if Your Partner Is Cheating

10 Signs Your Partner Is Cheating

Cheating is probably one of the most devastating blows that any relationship can receive. Whether or not you saw it coming, there is no downplaying the feelings of hurt and betrayal that you are bound to experience. Figuring it out by yourself and early has been shown to lessen the blow for many. That way you are no blindsided, and you have time to get your ducks in a row to leave or stay.

So how do you find this out when most of them have mastered the art of deception and would rather go through a full torture session than admit the truth?

The answer is simple; you need to be vigilant. More often than not, many subtle clues are pointing to infidelity all around you. You have to open your eyes to the truth.

Here are the most communs signs that your partner is cheating on you.

Inexplicable tardiness or absences

When you suspect infidelity, tardiness an inexplicable absences are a red flag. Suddenly they are staying late at work and traveling more, and you know for a fact that this isn’t the norm for them. There is, of course, the chance that they are staying late for work, but it is always a good idea to look into it if you don’t buy the excuses.

Extreme phubbing

Phubbing is what the cool kids on the block are now naming phone addiction. If your partner suddenly cannot put their phone down, then there is a lot to worry about. They are usually either communicating with new flames or looking for them online.

Weird phone call habits

Is he suddenly receiving calls at weird times of the night? Is she unwilling to pick certain phone calls when you are in the room with her? Whatever it is you notice there is likely cause for alarm. People who are cheating get very dodgy with their phone habits.

Sudden disinterest in the relationship

If your partner seems disconnected from you, then you might have a cheater on your hands. If there is no more communication in your couple then you may be in trouble. The disconnect is most obvious if they seem happy and excited about everything else other than your relationship. If you aren’t making him/her happy, you better believe there is someone else out there doing your job for you.

Unwillingness to introduce you to friends and family

Unwillingness to involve one’s family is usually a sign that you are the side-piece. The family has met the main girlfriend or boyfriend, and your partner knows that introducing you will only raise questions. So if you have been dating for a long time and he/she hasn’t exposed you to this side, then you might want to start packing.

Clues from their friends

Your significant other’s friends sometimes know more about them than you do. So if they started acting all weird and detached it could be that they are preparing themselves for the storm they know is coming. Some might even be kind enough to warn you about their pal’s misadventures, so you had better listen.

They keep lying about one thing or another

If you have caught your partner in one too many lies, you need to beware of chances that they are cheating. A person who is that comfortable spewing out lies is usually more likely to step out.

Secret accounts

It could be a secret bank account, online dating profile on a cheating dating site, like AshleyMadison, AdultFriendFinders or others. Whatever it is, the fact that they are actively hiding it from you should raise questions. With the last 2, in particular, you have things like emotional infidelity and micro-cheating to worry about.

A significant history of infidelity

Everyone has a past and deserves a second chance. However, a leopard rarely changes its spots. If your partner callously cheated on past lovers, you might be the next one on his/her hit list.

Your intuition tells you something isn’t right

Sometimes your gut tells you something is wrong even without evidence. These are usually super subtle clues that your subconscious has picked up. So if you get a feeling that your partner is cheating or micro-cheating do not ignore it.

Time to hit the road Jack/Jill

After all, is said and done, what you choose to do with the information you discover is entirely up to you. Maybe you want to stay. Maybe you want to leave. Or maybe you want to slash his tires or throw all her clothes out. Whatever your reaction is, the important thing is that you have the information to back up your suspicions.

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