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10 Funny & Cute Relationship Goals For Every Couple

relationship goals

Getting cute and goofy together

These days, you literally cannot scroll down two breaths on any social media site without coming across #couplegoals and its many variations. It could be anything from couples in matching outfits to lively photos documenting couple’s vacations in exotic locations. If you have a goofier relationship, these might be a little too sappy for you.

Below are relationship goals funny and sillier couples will enjoy.

Innocent prank wars

You can get as silly and goofy as you feel you need to here. Send them a photo shopped picture of yourself in a Ferrari and tell him you used all your savings on it. Or put a bunch of fake snakes in her closet. These funny relationship goals allow you and your partner to tap into and express your mutual weirdness and will definitely make for some great laughs.

Goofy role-play

One thing that makes goofy relationship goals for all of us I how comfortable a couple has to be with each other to be that uninhibited. Role-play in this case allows you to be weird and dress up as funny characters for entertainment.

Maybe you are going to a cosplay convention together or you just want to dress up as you run a marathon of your favorite movie franchise. Unlike bedroom role-play, this is low pressure and allows you to have a lot of silly fun together.

Bumming in sweats

Getting all dressed up for dates or hangouts is fun and all until you run out of outfit options or mental energy to doll up. When you get to a point where you can hang out with each other in baggy tees and sweat pants with your hair crazy then you have reached a whole new level of bonding. This right here is the very definition of goals as every couple should strive to be this comfortable with each other.

Travelling together

Travelling together for the most part is overrated as a lot of couples online make it seem like a competition of who did it bigger and better. However, if all you want is to spend time together and explore new places then this is something you should definitely not pass up on. Just make sure to enjoy the moment and not spend most of your vacation looking for the perfect selfie or photo opportunities.

Nonstop kisses and cuddles

These cute relationship goals just never grow old. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend all their time cuddling and kissing the person they love. The best part is when you get to do that while bonding not only physically but also emotionally. Whether it is on a swinging chair on your balcony, in bed or on your couch watching TV, this is definitely the stuff of relationship dreams.

A little friendly competition

If you are a couple that loves to get competitive then this is a great way for you to bond. Come up with different competitions that will give you a chance to hang out, bond and try desperately to kick each other’s behinds. You can do it alone with things like board games and puzzles or you can make it a team affair with the two of you in different teams.

Binge eating episodes

You know how on the first date you pretended you barely eat because you did not want your partner to see you hogging out? Well, you know you have made it as a couple when restrictions like these do not matter anymore. You can just hang out and eat whatever you want, however much of it you want and without having to worry about looking proper. Now these are real relationship goals.

When poop and farts aren’t taboo

Now this one is on the soul mates who have nothing to hide level of relationship goals. It takes a while especially for girls in relationships to feel comfortable enough not only to talk about poop or fart but to do it in your presence. It might seem trivial and all but it is the epitome of vulnerability and openness in relationships.

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Movie or TV show fandom marathons

If you and your partner share a love for some movie or TV show franchise then a marathon would be a great way to spend time together. You get to consume what you consider quality content while still bonding and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Enjoying the silence together

Sometimes, you do not have to do or say anything to be relationship goals. You just need to learn how to enjoy being together in silence. Hang out in bed reading before you sleep. Go for a walk and silently take in the beauty of nature around you. Or just sit in each other’s arms and appreciate that you are together again after a long day apart. It might seem simple but it is a powerful way to build a strong enviable relationship.

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