3 Trendy Dating Sites to Try in 2020


Online dating is now the new norm for meeting people and it’s super easy to find a match through dating sites or dating apps. If you chat with someone who is also looking for a coffee companion, then you can go on a date, just like that. If you want to meet people who are living miles from where you are, it’s possible too.

Top 3 Sites to Try

Despite the digital ease we’ve been granted, we can still have a hard time choosing the site or platform that’s best for us. With so many choices, it would be wise to focus your attention on the websites that are most popular first.

To guide you, we’ve compiled three of the trendiest international dating websites of 2020:


AmoLatina.com is an online communications platform that connects you with people from Latin America. Most of the online daters on the site are from countries such as Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, and more.

Members can communicate through usual features like Live and Video Chat, as well as Email Correspondence.

Dating Site Highlights:

  • AmoLatina.com already has a good number of profiles for potential members to browse.
  • There’s high activity on the site which means that it has plenty of active members.
  • The “Let’s Mingle” feature allows you to send a personalized message to a group of individuals that meet your preferences. For example, if you would like to meet ladies within the 35-40-year-old age group, “Let’s Mingle” sends a message to all the women on AmoLatina that are 35 to 40 years old.

Arabian Date

Arabian Date is also an international dating platform that anyone hoping to find their true love can sign up to. Most of the profiles on this site are of people in the Middle East, so those who are interested in meeting members from this part of the world might find the dating site worth a try. It has the usual communication tools plus features that allow two people to connect towards a meaningful relationship.

Dating Site Highlights:

  • Arabian Date offers a competitive credit package to premium members. You can buy 20 credits for $2.99 and the one-month subscription fee is only $9.99.
  • Singing up and downloading the mobile app is easy and free. Those who wish to become members only have to enter their name and their email upon signing up.
  • There’s a strict Anti-Scam policy that keeps members safe.

For more information about Arabian Date, visit www.arabiandate.com.

African Date

Like the name implies, African Date is a website with a majority of its members from the continent of Africa. Just like the other two websites on the list, it is an international dating site that connects Westerners with its target demographic. It makes use of the basic communication tools such as Live chat plus other unique features such as “Flowers and Presents,” which allows a member to send a real gift to a person he or she is interested in.

Dating Site Highlights:

  • African Date also has a very easy signup process. Just enter your name and email, and you’ll be able to browse through numerous profiles without filling up anything else. It’s free, as well.
  • There is a dedicated team working behind the scenes to keep members and their information safe from phishing.
  • A customer service number has been clearly stated so members can easily call the hotline when they need help.

For more information on African Date, please visit www.africandate.com.

Tips for Choosing a Dating Site That’s Right for You

Now, it’s time for some fine-tuning. We have all these options given to us when it comes to dating apps and websites but we also need a set of guidelines to help us determine the online dating platform that will cater to our needs. For more datings tips and dating site reviews you can check DatingInspector.com

Try out the following:

1. What Do You Need?

The first thing that you should think about is your needs. Do you want to meet someone close to you – someone from a neighboring city, perhaps? Or, do you want to meet someone from another country? Do you want to meet men or women? Think of these questions as your foundations – you shouldn’t start before figuring out what the answers are.

Trend Insight: What’s great with the three trendiest sites on the list above is that they are open internationally. Although they cater to a specific group or a specific niche, anyone can sign up.

2. What Platform Is Most Convenient?

Are you always traveling either for work or for leisure? If your answer is yes, then you might have a better dating experience with dating apps. On the other hand, if you have access to a desktop or laptop, and you’re more comfortable using them, you could stick to dating websites instead of apps.

Trend Insight: One of the reasons why the dating sites listed are popular is their adaptability. They are available in both the online version and an app version. This makes it easier for people to date on-the-go. The app versions have the same features as the websites ones, but they have the added convenience of mobility. You can find the app version of the sites on both the Play Store and iTunes.

3. Activity & Profile Quality and Quantity

No one wants to sign up to a dating site or dating app that only has four members. Nor does anyone want to be on a dating site or app where the members are not very active. Consider the number of dating profiles on the platforms you’re interested in.

When talking about quality, you need to look at who is on the platforms. For example, do you actually want to meet the people who are on the site or app you’ve signed up too? Are you encouraged to get to know them or are they not that interesting to you?

Trend Insight: Did you know that it is quite easy to sign up to all three of the sites listed? Yes, you don’t have to get into too much detail if you’re not ready yet. One of the main purposes of this is to encourage potential members to take a look around the sites first – navigate through them and check if they are easy to use.

The quick signup process also allows you to easily see the profiles that are active. This way, you can take a look around for free without purchasing credits or entering your credit card details.

4. Safety

One of the main concerns you should have when choosing a dating site or app is safety. Those who are not careful are making themselves susceptible to scams and other online dangers. This is why it is tantamount to choose a platform that’s both safe and secure.

Trend Insight: Plenty of users appreciate that the trendiest websites on the list above have a clearly stated Anti-Scam policy. According to this, a full credit reimbursement will be made after an investigation has proven that a person has misrepresented him or herself on the dating sites.

This isn’t to say that the mentioned sites are not putting in efforts to prevent scammers from making profiles, of course. From behind the scenes, safety teams for each respective site are closely monitoring what’s happening to spot and thwart any suspicious activity.

5. Customer Service

Let’s face it, there are plenty of free dating sites out there that claim to give you the best online dating experience. They may deliver on this promise to some extent, but what would happen if you hit a snag? Or, get into trouble? Because the sites are free, they likely will not have customer representatives to help you out. It would be ideal for any dating site to offer customer assistance.

Trend Insight: Customer service forms can easily be found on the respective sites. FAQ references have also been provided so potential members have something to refer to when they have basic questions.